Educate. Create. Inspire.


That’s what it says on my old worn-out hoodie that I got from my mom, when she was hanging out at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. I figure I absorbed these words as a teenager because there is no better description for what we aim for in our new music education institution. We - that is my roommate and musical partner Emiliano, and me. Both of us have gathered teaching experiences in the music schools around our hometown Graz and without saying anything extra - that was motivation enough for us to open our own place for music education.

The ‘house of music’ offers instrumental lessons in piano, guitar, trombone and composition, but more importantly than that, it offers music lessons. We understand that there is so much more to music than just the technical aspects of learning the instrument and we want to share the joy of immersing into the infinite world of the music. If you want to join us on that trip or know someone in your vicinity who will, go ahead and visit our website:

Thilo Seevers