Thilo Seevers - piano
Ivar Roban Krizic - bass
David Dresler - drums

.all compositions by Thilo Seevers
.recorded mixed and mastered in Jan. 2018 by Stefano Amerio in ArteSuono Studios Udine, Italy
.artwork and cover by Luka Sulzer
.photography by Valerie Maltseva

Special thanks always to everyone involved in the long process that lead to this little piece of art. I feel very grateful to be surrounded by so many positive, inspiring and motivating characters, of which some have become close friends and real companions. Thank you, parents, family, Cla, Olaf, Renato, Ed, Uli, Anders, Lina, Alex, Ivar, David, Luka, Matheus, Berni, Kajo, Joonas, Jonatan, Viktor, Adam, Albin, Emiliano, Daniel, Daniel, Filip, Nik, Martin, Raph, Fran, Lukas, Marta, Gabi, Nick, Lara, Lüssi and everyone else for their positive input. There is a piece of each of you in this record.


Dancing Lights


Mit “Dancing Lights” hat das Thilo-Seevers-Ensemble eine CD eingespielt, die mit angenehm unaufdringlicher Klangpoesie überzeugt. Das Trio aus Klavier, Bass und Drums agiert homogen; der sauber konturierte Fluss der Klavierstimme ist stringent. “Trust” fasziniert mit äußerst melodiöser, emotionsgeladener Note.
– Weser Kurier

In vielen aufregenden Spektralmustern ist den unbedingt beachtenswerten Talenten aus Graz ein phantastisches Debutalbum gelungen.
– Hifi & Records Deutschland

Published on: UNIT Records
Recorded: Sendesaal Bremen, Oct 2015 by Frank Jacobsen

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Jazz in our own words

Jazz In Our Own Words Cover 3.jpg

This is the record of the young Trio’s debut concert at the beautiful Sendesaal in Bremen, Germany. Original arrangements of songs and instrumentals from the Jazz tradition, contemporary tunes and some first compositions popping up – it’s an insight into the very early days of the Thilo Seevers Ensemble.
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Recorded: Sendesaal Bremen, 29th June 2014

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